Are you among those individuals who are oftentimes tasked to write articles or documents but with a limited number of words? Do you have a difficult time in counting how many words you have written? Then, we have the solution for you, the word count application is the perfect tool for your needs. It works by automatically counting and displaying the number of words from the text that you entered into the application. It is fast and easy and does not require any complicated measures, just simply copy and paste the text.

This word count tool has been popular among students and professionals alike. This has helped them in their various writing projects which requires them to write a certain article at a given number of words. With the help of this application, they need not manually count the number of words instead, all they have to do is copy and paste the text to the word count tool and it will easily show them the number of words. With the use of the application, one can foresee whether you need to write more about the topic because it is far from the required number of words or to just end it since it has already reached the limit.

This online application has really become of great help to those people to who enjoy writing but at the same time need to keep track of the number of words that they have written because of the limit is given to them.

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